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Let's get real! 
The struggle with food is real and you're not in this alone. 


Does this sound a little too familiar?
  • You know you have so much to offer the world, but your relationship with food and body keeps holding you back.

  • You tend to find yourself elbow deep in a tub of ice cream after a long stressful day of work or when the kids finally go down for a nap.

  • You've been following diet plans only to gain the weight back and return to binging/overeating.

  • Food controls more aspects of your life and impacts more decisions than you're proud to admit.

  • You see that leftover mac and cheese from the kiddos and show zero will-power that you swore you had achieved.

  • You avoid social gatherings in fear of people judging your weight gain.

  • You've been endlessly chasing a number on the scale that continues to slip away.

I freaking get it!

I have been there!

I was YOU!


I was YOU!


That terrible, vicious cycle of starting new diets, failing, binging, and then feeling such an immense amount of guilt about how much you overate... that you just want to eat more!



Slipping up one time and then all hell breaks loose, saying,


 I’ll get rid of the “bad” food by eating everything today, and then start fresh on Monday.” (The the real reason I used to dread Mondays…it was always diet re-start day.)


Believe me when I tell you, I tried EVERYTHING to heal my relationship with food. 


I tried diet after diet, counted nutrient after nutrient, became a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a health coach... 


I spent over 10 years and over $100k on doctors, coaches, webinars, seminars, courses, certifications (yes, you read that number right) trying to get to the bottom of it.


I did it ALL, and then some.

And then…AT LAST!

As a self-love and food and body coach…

I. Freaking. Got it.

I FINALLY figured it out!

The good news - it doesn’t have to take you years or hundreds of thousands of dollars to do the same. 




And if you’re waiting for a sign… 








Welp! There it is. 

I don’t care what you’ve been told in the past, or what old beliefs you’re holding onto - you CAN have it all. You CAN have your dream life. And I’m positive that I can be the one to get you there.


Join the Ditch the Scale


A life where you feel so comfortable in your own skin that you radiate confidence when you’re walking down the street!

You eat a cookie without guilt and without having to eat the whole bag. (Yes, I swear it is possible.)

Your kid’s Cheez-its? Na, no thanks. Stomachache not worth it!

You calmly stroll into your closet and can grab an outfit blindfolded because you feel sexy in all of it! 

You no longer turn to food to cover up your emotions, but instead, fully feel through them and heal the root of what’s causing them.

You enjoy family gathering, even when they’re at the beach, because you feel great in your body, ALWAYS. Yes, even after eating pizza last night.

You’re finally able to truly and deeply connect with others, without stressing about being judged for what you look like or what you put into your mouth. 

picture this...

Most importantly, you stop judging yourself!

You finally achieve unconditional self and body love. You finally are en route to becoming the highest, best, most authentic version of yourself, Queen!


This academy is for you if...

  • You struggle with emotional eating or have a hard time keeping weight off.

  • You struggle with negative self-talk and body hatred.

  • You're ready to dig deep, be honest and show up for yourself.

  • You're open to meditating.

  • You have a hard time controlling your emotions.

  • You want to get rid of dieting once and for all.

  • You crave confidence to move forward in your life.

  • You want to find out where your pain and anxiety is coming from.

  • You have 4 hours per week to dedicate to this program.

  • You're ready to finally reach true self-love and as a byproduct, finally reach your ideal weight. 

This academy is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a diet plan or a quick fix.

  • You are not willing to come into it with an open mind and open heart.

  • You're not ready to be honest with yourself.

  • You are not open to giving meditation a shot.

  • You're not willing to ask yourself the deep, important questions.

  • You want to stay a victim of your situation and circumstances.

  • You think that just by watching you will be cured with no work required. * You don't have at least 4 hours per week to dedicate to this program.

  • You love your body and have never experienced negative self-talk.

  • You think all the self-love talk is overrated.

What is Included

I cant wait to see your life transformed!

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